Scholarship Recap: Facing Your Fears

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing the stories of our 2017/2018 scholarship recipients and their experiences within our scholarship program. First up is Katie Everson, a recipient of our "Facing Your Fears" scholarship. This scholarship allowed two recipients to attend the Elevate Women's Ski Camp at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Katie traveled from Lander, Wyoming to attend the camp, where she received world-class, small-group instruction as she and the other participants challenged themselves on JHMR's varied terrain. Read more about her experience in the camp in her blog post below, and you can check out more of Katie's adventures on her blog,

There is something special that happens when people head out into the mountains and try something that challenges them. Although it can be intimidating to face things that are viewed as scary or risky; learning to calculate these risks and push ourselves appropriately can be one of the most rewarding things we will ever do.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Elevate Women's Ski Camp. This opportunity was provided to me by the Jackson Hole Babe Force. Their mission is to inspire women to come together in the mountains, face their fears, and build relationships with each other.

The camp challenged me in more ways than I thought it would. It was humbling to be around so many amazing skiers. There were times when I thought to myself- "am I good enough", "do I belong here", "what am I doing here"? The mental aspect of pushing your limits has always been the hardest thing for me. Although I consider myself a really well rounded endurance athlete, skiing down steep slopes is challenging for me. This is one of the reasons I wanted to attend this camp, because Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is known for the steep terrain.

Over the course of the camp I saw improvements in not only my technique, but also in my confidence as a skier. Confidence that is gained in the mountains often translates directly into everyday life. When going through a difficult time in life I will often think back on long, hard days in the mountains and tell myself that if I could do that; surely I can get through this.

I cannot begin to thank the Babe Force enough for making this dream possible for me. I am so excited to utilize my new found skills and confidence in the mountains.