The Significance of the Patch

Lately we have been getting a lot of questions about the JHBF patch. The patch can sometimes come with the misconception that the Babe Force and our events are exclusively for women who have earned a patch, which is not the case at all. All women of all ages and abilities are invited to be part of the Jackson Hole Babe Force. Our main goal and a large part of our mission is to bring all ladies of skiing and snowboarding abilities together. We encourage ladies, girls, women of all ages to come out and ski and hopefully meet new ski partners and like-minded new friends!

The patch is something that is earned based on someone truly inspiring other women.  There are specific guidelines that were established at the beginning of the Babe Force that outline three ways in which a woman can earn a patch: Facing your fears, Progression Session, and Inspiring Epic Adventure.  Women have earned patches for doing things like skiing Rendezvous Bowl or Corbett’s Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the first time, pushing themselves with other ladies, or being supportive of all women who are getting out there. The patches that I (and other Babe Force members) have given in the last couple years are very significant and reflect our mission. The ladies I have given patches to have inspired me in many ways and also have inspired other women out there. They have always been supportive of other ladies and helped push other women in the sport both mentally and physically!

To earn a patch, a women must truly inspire and be inspired by the sport of skiing and snowboarding and support women in that sport. The JHBF would like people to start nominating future patch holders by writing to us about a woman or women that inspires you. As a team, the Babe Force will be reviewing nominations several times a year and distributing patches to nominated women who clearly embody the spirit of the Babe Force and who have met one of the three criteria for earning a patch. We would love to get more patches out to amazing ladies. Be on the lookout for a more formal nomination form and process to be posted on our website.

Meanwhile, if you have a story to share, please contact us here!