Announcing the 2017-2018 Scholarship Recipients

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's scholarship program. We were absolutely thrilled by the number of applicants, and are so inspired by all the passion that was shared in everyone's stories.

Below is a list of everyone that received a scholarship. Please contact us for further information!

Progression Session 1 (Avalanche 1 Course): 

- Kate Roberts

- Sheldon Keegan

- Sarah Shea

- Rachel Erlichson - McCarthy

- Elizabeth Peltz

- Olivia Starich

- Kathryn Jeffords

- Abby Broughton

- Monica Stout

- Elsa Binger

- Jessica Spalding

- Casey Jillson


Progression Session II (Avalanche 2 Course):

-Brittney Ziebel

- Alex Lemieux


Facing Your Fears (JHMR Elevate Camp):

- Nikki Kaufman

- Katie Everson


Competition Compensation:

- Annabel Hagen

- Tami Razinger


Jr. Babe (Keely's Ski Racing Camp):

- Alexis White

- Alaina Gross